The Fabulous Four…

The Mets pulled off a major coup yesterday, trading a pile of prospects for the premier pitcher in baseball. To put this in perspective, all we gave up was 4 minor leaguers Gomez, Guerra, Humber, and Mulvey… We salute you, the fabulous four!¬†Of the group, I’m only familiar with Gomez (some major league experience this past season, more or less as an emergency injury replacement… until he of course got injured too!) and Humber (former 1st rounder who had Tommy John surgery). For all we know, all 4 of them could become useful MLB players.In any event, the true impact of this trade won’t be known on the Minnesota side, at least not for a few years. Look on the bright side: the Mets farm system has a long history of producing well hyped duds. We have a long line of superstars that never quite put it all together at the major league level – in the last decade or so, let’s see… Tyner (the next great base stealer), Escobar (the next great 5-tools star), Alex Ochoa (well, technically he didn’t start in our system), Jay Payton (elbow probs), Mini-Manny… and we have a long list of pitchers that never panned out for us (ah, memories of the big three…)Yes, they may be superstars elsewhere, but had they stayed, the numbers really stack up against them become stars (Reyes and Wright aside…).Santana is talk of baseball

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